Exodus 27-28

I love how much attention to detail and emphasis on beauty there is in these chapters. God set up the priesthood and the system of sacrifices to help the people approach him. Jesus is now our High Priest, and daily sacrifices of animals are no longer needed to cover our sins.

Does God have you working on something specific for him? “Instruct all the skilled craftsmen whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom. Have them make garments for Aaron that will distinguish him as a priest set apart for my service.” 28:3

This is one of the many times in the Bible that God empowers someone with special gifting and calls upon them to use it for his glory. But first, you need to know your gifting. I’m sure the tailors who made Aaron’s garments never imagined they’d use their skills for such a daunting task. God includes everyone in his work, and empowers each individual to do so.

Are you staring in the face of a huge responsibility? Fear not, God will equip you. He’s bringing you into his work not because he needs you, but because he wants to include you. Lean into him to give you wisdom and discernment along the way, and trust that he will give you what you need, right as you need it.

Don’t be afraid to ask him for ideas, energy, companionship, rest and any other details that come along with completing his good, hard work. He knows what you need!



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