Exodus 19-20

I was in Iowa recently and experienced house-rattling thunder for the first time. I was in awe, and then later surprised when it was labeled a pretty small storm. 

Recently relocated to the south, I joke that the Bible Belt still exists because of the impact of storms. It humbles you. Noise and  power that man could never recreate or control, when you regularly experience them, you can’t help but revere to the creator of them.  Reread verses 19:16-20 and try to picture this scene. This is merely a whisper of God’s might. We follow such a powerful God! 

The last verse of chapter 20 got me thinking. God lays down the moral standards he has for mankind, and then tacks on “hey, watch your robe on the steps”. 

My eyes skimmed back to the Ten Commandments. So many of them seem obvious, right? Don’t kill each other, steal or tell lies and make sure to rest. I noticed they are all rooted in respecting the sanctity of life. 

I compare today’s society to this list and wow, we fall short. We don’t value human life and in fact, try to redefine when it begins. Screen writers capitalize on the idea of adultery being romantic. Resting is the mark of weakness. And there’s an entire industry dedicated to “exposing your nakedness”, and enjoying it. 

Nothing feels sacred anymore. But we are God’s people! We are not to imitate or align ourselves with secular, godless society. We are image-bearers of the mighty, holy God who brews the storms and breaths out the wind. Let us not forget that in our daily lives. Examine your heart today, are you honoring God with how you live your life? Or how you treat life? 


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