Exodus 15-16

The Israelites have just seen the depths of the ocean part into two sides and walked safely down the middle. God has drawn them out of slavery with the most epic rescue story, and yet they panic and whine about dinner. (I’m not my best self when hungry either.)

Did they think that he planned this massive exodus for them to leave Egypt and yet he didn’t anticipate they’d need to eat? They’re so hungry, they beg to be back in slavery. We our people who are unfamiliar with freedom, and hesitant to trust our rescuer. Our appetites, whatever they might be, take over and fuel our fear.

This is common with money. God will take us by the hand, provide a beautiful path for us and halfway down the road we shout “wait, did you know I have financial needs?!” God not only anticipates our needs, he created them. He made stomachs that growl. Bodies that need rest. A world that runs with currency. He wants us to trust him, even in the middle of the wilderness. 

And when he does provide, don’t hoard his resources away out of fear that there won’t be more. Saving accounts and pantries are fine, but are you heaping up things to provide false security? God is our sovereign provider and there is no amount of earthly resources that can save you. He is our ultimate resource. Our daily manna.




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