Exodus 3-4

I liked what Bethany wrote yesterday about embracing the “whys” and the “how comes” that will develop while reading this story. Like, why does God talk Moses into the job and then almost kill him the next day? Why does brushing his feet with mutilated foreskin save the day? This is weird (and gross), and was not mentioned in Sunday school class. 

My Bible commentary noted that Moses’ son was not circumcised, which directly opposes one of the conditions of God’s covenant. Under Old Testament law, this removed you and your family from God’s blessings. 

I am cautious to speculate too much on God’s intentions, but I wonder if he is establishing himself here. 

Moses was consumed with fear and worry about how well he’ll pull off this thing, if he’ll get the words out right and what everyone will think of him. But I believe God is insisting that Moses’ most important task is obeying him. 

Reflect on what work God has given you. Is he pushing you towards the front lines of something? 

Check your heart first. Are you, above all else, obeying God? Thankfully, Jesus has fulfilled the Old Testament laws and comes alongside us in our failures. But we are still called to obedience. 

Whatever you have your hands in, even if it’s good, hard work for the gospel, we need to have obedient hearts. We can’t live with glaring, obvious rebellions and expect this to go unnoticed. God is gracious, and uses the most imperfect underdogs to partner with him in his work. But take note of the tone he is setting here! Blatantly disobeying God is more dangerous to Moses than facing a stubborn leader like Pharaoh. 

One thought on “Exodus 3-4

  1. “Who gave man his mouth?!” Really struck me today. I find myself constantly leaning toward disqualifying myself as I walk toward this next season in Europe. “God my heart is too soft for this. I’m a girl and this sounds like a man’s job (at least that’s what my Bible college would have said). I have no idea what will happen, I feel full of weakness, WHY ME?” But God says, “Um hello, I am your creator and I picked you to do this, and don’t you think I can compensate for your weakness? Aren’t I strong in your weakness? You think I’m going to share my glory about this?” Really, He doesn’t need my credentials. He prefers me unqualified and obedient. What in the world.


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