Proverbs 29-30

I have authority issues. Who doesn’t, right? I tend to perform, or desperately try to win over, whoever is in charge of me. However, if they fail me, I often switch to resenting them. Quickly. 

I want to be perfectly led, unconditionally loved and regularly praised by my flawless leader. This is not available in a human leader, yet sometimes I expect it. It pains me that God allows man to lead man. But what if they fail me? Make the wrong choice? Lead with pride? They will, and they have. 

When mankind fails me, he is glorified. My relationship with God has been deeply strengthened by people’s weakness. And I pray that when I have failed those I’ve led, Gods grace covered them. (I wince when I  think back on 19 year-old-me in ministry leadership.) 

Your spouse, pastor, boss, mentor or idol will eventually fail you. This is why we’re urged not to put our trust in man alone, but in the Perfect Leader: 

“Many seek the ruler’s favor, but justice comes from the Lord.” Proverbs 29:26

Who do you seek ultimate safety, provision, justice, favor and identity from? 

When your relationship, or the legal system, church system or your family unit fails you, how do you respond? 

Hurt? A little violated that such pillars of society have failed you? That’s normal, and okay. How does it impact your trust in God? 

Let’s bend our lives around the ruler we can always rely on. The leader who Moses followed across the Red Sea, the God Daniel trusted as he landed at the bottom of the lions den, the Jesus who pulled Peter onto the surface of the ocean to stand, the God who goes up to heaven and comes back, holds the wind in his fists and wraps the ocean in his cloak. (30:4) 

What’s his name? And his son’s name? (30:5) 

Jesus. The Great I am! The perfect leader, pastor, political leader and family member we will ever have. 

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