Proverbs 9-10

This scenario haunts me:

Foolishness, personified as an alluring woman. Inviting you in for a meal, enticing you with temptation of the forbidden. It reads like the end of a chilling chapter in a thriller novel. “But little do they know that the dead are there. Her guests are in the depths of the grave.” 9:18

If you are sensing redundancy in the Proverbs, you are paying attention. Foolishness is easy, accessible, a choice we slip into naturally. Wisdom is calculated. And learned.

In the middle of writing this post, I disrupted my son’s plans of pulling out the pin from a fire extinguisher, twice. His reply was “but I want to!” and “stop saying no!”. He’s three, so I extended him grace, moved it out of his reach and comforted his disappointment that I’m preventing him from any and all fun ideas.

Sound familiar?

Let’s not be stubborn to respond to God’s instructions, or eager to fulfill our small-minded desires. Best case scenario, he has mercy on us and takes away the things that could harm us. Worst case scenario, he gives us over to the things we so foolishly want. Like those portrayed in the text, we stagger stupidly towards the stacks of bodies in Folly’s house.

Which proverb grabbed your attention this morning?



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