Proverbs 5-6

These chapters are powerful warnings against the evils of adultery. Not married? These warnings are for you too. 

Although the text characterizes the sin as an “immoral woman”, I also find it to be an analogy of all sin. The things that lead our heart away from God are often packaged like the woman described in today’s chapter. 

It’s so desireable, at first. This thing can’t be bad, you tell yourself. It’s so good. But then “her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to th grave” (5:5). Such powerful imagery! 

What temptations and sins have you staggering towards the grave? 

A wise person sees the whole picture. Recognizing what your flesh is desiring is the first step. But it’s crucial to also anticipate how that will play out. This is sin’s biggest trap. We tell ourselves that no one else will be impacted by our choice and fail to see the immense consequences. 

What’s the immoral woman in your life? Or, where does your heart wander from God to indulge in your sinful desires? I’ll share one of mine; I let my thought life run wild sometimes. Seems harmless. No one knows what’s going on up there but me. It’s not hurting anyone, right? But then, the next thing I know, I’m rattled from anxiety because I’ve convinced myself Matt is late getting home because he’s died and I have his funeral half planned out. Or I compare my marriage to everyone else’s and discontentment starts to grow. It seems harmless, but being enslaved to fear and prone to jealousy are definitely steps away from life and towards the grave. 

1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that God always gives us a way out when we’re faced with temptation. I remember one friend admitting to me that she struggled with self-harm. She also recalled that often, when she was feeling the temptation to indulge, someone would happen to call her right then and distract her. 

Start noticing when God’s giving you a way out. Not only will it redirect your thoughts, it will also remind you that he’s with you. 


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