Proverbs 1-2

We are scootin’ on back to the Old Testament and reading through the book of Proverbs! You can watch a quick overview of the book here.

In that video, they note that the Hebrew definition of “wisdom” isn’t just gaining knowledge, but applying it. A wise person doesn’t just know what to do, they make the decision to do it. 

Something we’ll come across a lot in this book is reading that the foundation of wisdom is fearing the Lord. Or at least that’s how my translation words it. Are you uncomfortable with the term “fear”? Maybe the authority or paternal figures in your life lorded themselves over you, using fear against you to gain control. The idea of fearing God seems backwards to you. 

I prefer the word “reverence” over “fear”. Our culture has twisted fear into a weird pleasure, focusing on all the unhealthy versions of it; I don’t like it being tied in with my relationship with the Lord. Respect for God is the beginning of knowledge. My awe and submission to him is what steers my discernment. I believe that he has my best interest in mind and loves me, so when he asks something of me, I trust him and (try to) obey. He is God, completely holy, worthy of all revere. 

This concept comes alive for me in parenting. I want my three year old to obey me when I ask him to do something because he trusts me, not because he’s afraid of me or feels pinned under my thumb. 

Take a minute and pray that God would open you up to his wisdom. I echo Solomon’s claim that reading this book and following it’s advice will change our lives.

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