Mark 13-14

God uses Scripture to expose different concepts to us in different seasons of life; I’m convinced I can read this book every day for the rest of my life and continue to learn from it. That being said, sometimes when I’m rereading really familiar stories, I fail to see them with fresh eyes and glaze over the text a little. 

Whenever I pray and exercise a little focus, the Holy Spirit never fails to direct my heart towards something new. 

After reading these chapters, I found myself wondering what I could learn from Judas. Am I like him? Is he relatable? Or is he a stand-alone example of betrayal and violation, someone needed to complete a certain scenario at a certain time? 

Unfortunately, it seems we have plenty to learn from Judas, and that yes, we can relate to him. 

The exact motivation behind his betrayal isn’t mentioned in the text. My speculation (based on commentaries and various memories of sermons rattling around in my head), is that perhaps Judas was never saved. He betrayed Jesus because he never truly pledge himself to him. He was just a part of the Jesus-following culture. 

Here are a few questions I’m asking myself: 

-Do I have a personal relationship with Jesus or am I just a part of Christian-culture? (This is a question that I could  answer differently at times depending on my spiritual health.)

-Am I opening up myself to Satan at all? This is an intense concept, but keep in mind that our small sparks of sin can be fanned into consuming fires of evil if left unattended. Don’t underestimate this.

-Judas gives himself over to despair and death by committing suicide after Jesus’ arrest. When faced with the consequences of my mistakes, how do I respond? Do I choose hope, or shame? Eternal life, or death? 

-God is sovereign over everything, including our selfish, greedy, sinful choices. He fits our failures into his plan and works out his purpose even in the worst possible events. Where do you need to stay hopeful of this? In your family? Your relationship? Politics? Your church? 

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