Mark 9-10

I feel bad for the disciples. These poor guys! They’ve left their old lives behind and are genuinely trying to follow Jesus, with many hang ups along the way. They get tangled up in their pride, Jesus is undoing everything they thought they knew and the concept of the gospel is way over their heads. I can admit to facing those same struggles almost daily. 

Who in the world is qualified for this?” they ask. “Jesus looked at them intently and said, ‘humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God.'” 10:27 

These chapters are weighed down with heavy topics like God’s thoughts on divorce, having child-like faith and perfect humility. How can we even begin to approach these? By asking for help. Jesus lays it out for us: you can’t do this alone, but I can help you. 

Is it hard for you to ask for help? 

I love asking for help. It’s primarily out of laziness, partially because of my birth order (I can still hear my mom sighing and asking my siblings, ‘would you just help your sister, please?’) and also because I just love doing things alongside people. But when it comes to my relationship with the Lord, it’s harder for me to ask for help. 

Sure, I’ll offer up the “help me get through this day and not post my kid for sale on Craigslist or shave my head” prayer. But I struggle to genuinely invite God in to my spiritual growth. Because then maybe I will have to sell all my possessions. Or re-posture my entire faith. 

Maybe you’re like me, hesitant to ask for help because you’re selfishly clinging to the things holding you back. “Cut off your arm if it’s stopping you from obeying”, Jesus says. I believe he’s speaking in hyperbole here; but the message is the same. Let me help you ditch whatever’s keeping you from being with me. 

Check your heart today. What keeps you from asking for his help? 

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