Zechariah 7-8

At this point in the text, the people had been fasting every year in August in remembrance of the destruction of Jerusalem. Because Jerusalem was being rebuilt, they were trying to get out of their annual fast. God’s answer was familiar:

Acts of service to Him are not as important as our hearts. He calls them out for going through the motions of fasting rather than having true intentions and points them towards the behavior he truly desires:

“Judge fairly, and show mercy and kindness to one another. Do not oppress widows, orphans, foreigners, and the poor. And do not scheme against each other.” 7:9

God does not care if you go to church every week. He isn’t keeping track of how often you attend Bible study, read your Bible, pray, and how much Scripture you have memorized.

He does want you to desire a relationship with Him. To seek after his truth, know his story, remember his commandments and instructions for living. He designed us to be in relationship with other believers and to pursue opportunities of hospitality. But these things have to go hand in hand with obedience to him. He knows our hearts, he knows when we’re performing for other people (or for ourselves). He knows when we’re just going through the motions. Is this you? Check your motives today. If this convicts you, don’t feel ashamed. Move towards him, repent and move forward. And let’s remember the to do list that he’s given:

-Judge fairly (Show discernment, rely on God’s help.)

-Show mercy and kindness. (Forgive and extend grace constantly.)

-Do not oppress the poor. (Care for the marginalized and show favor to them.)

-Do not scheme against each other. (Love one another and do not make enemies.)



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