Zechariah 5-6

“Those who are far off will come and build the temple of the LORD.” Then you will know that the LORD of hosts has sent me to you. And it will take place if you completely obey the LORD your God.” (6:15)

God is not slow in keeping His promises. He is patient. He is waiting for obedience.

The good news is, since 520 BC when this was written, God has accomplished a few things to help us along: He has sent the Messianic King and offered atonement for sins. He has given us His Spirit to dwell inside us to know the will of the Father. He’s done all the heavy lifting.

We’re not to feel policed by laws written in stone, we are compelled by the love of Christ who has exchanged our hard hearts for soft ones. We have a conscience, that yeah maybe sometimes is really the Holy Spirit and not Jiminy Cricket!

The offer still stands: the Kingdom of God can come reign on the earth, but it does depend on some cooperation on our part. We bring the kingdom of Heaven to earth when we are obedient. Why did Jesus teach us to pray: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”?

Ask the Lord today for a fresh perspective on obedience and see if there is something He’s been patiently waiting on you for.


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