Lucky for us, there’s a video about the two-chapter book of Haggai. You can watch it here. I learned so much from it!

This verse grabbed me: “Then the Lord sent this message through the prophet Haggai: ‘Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?’” The people have misplaced their priorities and instead of focusing on rebuilding God’s destroyed temple, they pour their time and resources into their destroyed homes.

How relatable is that? 

You get where I’m going with this; it doesn’t need to be spelled out. We are distracted people, often guilty of prioritizing everything but our relationship with God. Maybe you’re carving out time for the gym instead of time in your Bible, investing your money in earthly things rather than eternal or simply ignoring your relationship with God, but spending hours pouring into your on-again-off-again significant other.

Ask yourself, what do you invest in? 

Everything else will fade. Our bodies will fail us, our homes will break down, our relationships will change. Obeying God and putting work into what’s broken or destroyed between you two is eternal work, which means it has eternal benefits. 

Something that’s always strained, or broken, between God and me is my tendency to be anxious and doubt his love and sovereignty. In those moments, I don’t believe that he’s enough for me. I prioritize my worries over him.

What’s something in your relationship with God that needs restoring?



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