Psalm 104-106

“He made the moon for the seasons; The sun knows the place of its setting.” (104:19‬)

Remember God as our brilliant Creator. There are many chapters in the Bible which delve into His designs. Even some which gave away aspects of creation before being “discovered by modern science”. Is the earth flat, or does He sit above the circle of the earth? (Isaiah 40:22)

Certainly the recounted wonders of God’s intricately designed creation flies in stark contrast to “the image of the ox that eats grass” (106:20), underlining the absurdity of worshipping anyone/anything other than Him.

Have you ever watched the video series Planet Earth? For myself, and many others, it is a worshipful experience. Creation is unbelievably beautiful and complex. God is humorously creative and stunning.

Consider the wonders of creation today. Watch planet earth, the discovery channel, or just look out your window. Hike, explore, hold a baby, exercise your complex body! Then worship our Creator God who so wisely created seasons and designed everything down to the make up of our atoms.

Thank you, LORD, for your glorious works and for being so thoroughly good.


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