Psalm 89-91

I love the proclamation of God’s goodness in 89:9-18. It reads like a resume of God’s power and sovereignty.

“You rule the oceans. You subdue their storm-tossed waves. You crushed the great sea monster…you created north and south…powerful is your arm! Strong is your hand!” (I want more information on this sea monster, by the way.)

On this drizzly Monday, as I deeply anticipate spring, I’m inspired by those verses to make a list of God’s greatness. My mind is foggy from a slew of cold remedies, so it doesn’t read quite as poetically, but here are the bullet points:

-You revive Godless cities, gathering your people and spreading your story.

-You change the seasons with a wave of your hand; who else can control the weather?

-You speak to children; they’re able to know of you before they’re told.

-Your law is love and your gospel is peace.

What would be your list to God, acknowledging his power? This is a good exercise to see things with a gospel lens. The gospel isn’t just a story. It’s alive. We can see evidence of it every day if we’re looking for it. The more you bend your life around it and posture yourself towards it, the easier it becomes to sight it.

Where have you seen a gospel-like moment lately? I saw it in an episode of This Is Us recently. If you haven’t seen the show, I’ll try not to spoil the first couple episodes for you. But a family member extends mercy to his undeserving father. It’s monumental. His father deserves none of it. His life is marked by his father’s sin against him, his wounds still raw from the pain he caused him. Yet he offers him incomprehensible mercy and forgiveness.  That is gospel.

Keep your eyes peeled for glimmers of God’s story today; it’s everywhere.



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