Psalm 74-76

“But God is my King from long ago; He brings salvation on the earth.” (74:12‬)

The world defiantly rages on. Wars, oppression, injustice and slavery. In one place, as if God doesn’t exist, in another, as if one powerful man is god himself, in yet another, murder, war and oppression in His name.

He is not fooled and His is not silent.

In the days of Noah, it pained the LORD that He had ever created man. Bent on doing evil, becoming our own gods, striking fear and being afraid.

In His enduring patience, He never gave up and from long ago He slowly, one by one, became King in the hearts of His people; bringing salvation to the earth.

It is a decision, each day, to recognize the Kingship of God. He, Creator God, is smarter, wiser, abundantly generous and infinitely good. Stay on Your throne, O Lord of my life!

He is above all wars and all toil. Nothing escapes Him and nothing intimidates Him. O the glory of trusting Him! 

Put Him in His true place, today, and do not be afraid.


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