Psalm 10-12

“O Lord, why do you stand so far away?”

Are you in a season where God seems uninvolved or absent? 

Have you ever felt like your prayers seem to echo back to you in a vast, empty space? 

Or, do you feel God as present as warm sun on your back, but wonder why you hear the cries of others begging for him in darkness? 

These are big, sometimes unanswerable questions. And they’re okay to ask. 

My favorite analogy of God is as a mountain. Where I live, I can see at least three mountains off in the distant, but not every day. Sometimes the sky is clear and I have a beautiful crisp view of them. Their existence is undeniable and powerful. Other times, clouds block my view. But still, the mountains are there, even when I can’t see them. I’ve heard myself say several times to visiting friends, “Mt. Hood is just over there, but you can’t see it now”. They rely on the description of my experience.

Excuse my contrived writing; you get where I’m going with this. If you can’t see God right now: take heart. He is still there. Look back on the times his presence was bold and clear and remember. 

David’s not afraid to ask God why he’s so distant. But both before and after he says that, he proclaims truths about God. This is a beautiful, healthy form of prayer. 

This morning, tell God how you’re feeling. If he’s near to you, give prayers of thanks. If he feels far or negligent, talk to him about it. But either way, remind yourself what is true about God. I love this verse from today:

“Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.” 10:17

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