Joshua 13-14

“But Moses gave no allotment of land to the tribe of Levi, for the Lord, the God of Israel, had promised that he himself would be their allotment.” 13:33

Bethany always jokes that she’s like the Levis. She often lives in rented rooms from other families, she prides herself on being able to fit all her belongings in her car and her partner in life is the Lord. I’m realizing it’s less of a joke and more of a beautiful, special journey she’s on with God. Occasionally, when facing marital discourse, or being swallowed alive by material items and floundering for purpose, I envy this.

Culture will tell you that not having a relationship, or not taking out a mortgage on a house, or not advancing in some career means you don’t have meaning. You don’t have It. (Not a Stephen King reference.)

That’s not what I read today. Today I read that God allots us different circumstances. 

I have a husband, the security of a home and the role of being a mother. That is what God has allotted me. (Or I hastily chased after and he gave me over to those desires, who can really say.) Am I still putting my relationship with God first? Am I being a good steward of those things? Do I rely on these circumstances for false security? 

Think about what God has granted you in this life, or what he hasn’t.

Do you find yourself like the Levis? If so, are you entirely leaning into God for provision? Not just financially, but emotionally?

Do you find yourself like the others? Are you relying on God or your circumstances? Who are the Levis in your life, and how can you be a good steward of what you have. Let’s open our homes, our guest rooms, our fridges and our wallets and be generous with what God has given us.

“On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. “




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