Joshua 11-12

All these Kings hear about the Israelite army’s victories and rally to try their hand at defeating them. I don’t think I would pick a fight with an army that had the weather on their side, but I’ve done stupid things before.

Our deeply rooted desire to rebel against God is the most distructive force on earth. We fool ourselves into thinking we can come against Him, trick Him, defy Him or undermine Him without experiencing any consequences. This just isn’t so. 

I have selective authority issues I constantly need to keep in check. The most detrimental thing I can do is reflexively react to God as I would a faulty authority figure. He is not like us. He is altogether different. I can’t respond to Him, judge Him or confront Him as I would an ill-appointed boss. 

Lord have mercy on me, a sinner!

What about you? How can we submit ourselves to the God of Israel, today, and say with our Savior, “Not my will, but yours be done,”?


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