Joshua 5-6

Has God ever prompted you to do something really weird? The other day I was driving home from the library and I saw a gangly teenage boy waiting on a corner nervously checking his watch. For some reason, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was suppose to ask him if he needed anything. That’s silly. He probably has a smart phone, is waiting for a ride, and is just cold. I talked myself out of approaching him. I thought about it the rest of the day! I wish I more easily responded to the Holy Spirit instead of being incredibly distracted.

I love imagining all the soldiers rising at dawn, tugging their boots (sandals?) on, and raising their eyebrows at each other as they headed out for another day of silent marching.

Following God means doing weird things, and believing in the unrealistic things he has and can do. I believe this story really happened. It takes some faith, because it defies logic, gravity and common sense. But I believe it. If he is so capable, why do I struggle to believe he can knock down the metaphorical walls in my life? 

It takes patience, a quieted heart, diligence and faith. Sometimes, so, so much faith. Faith that defies all logic and reason.

What wall does God have you trudging around? An unbelieving friend or family member? A hardened, bitter marriage? A job that wears you down? A relentless health issue?

Take heart this morning, reader. You are not alone in wild, seemingly-impossible tasks laid on you by the Lord. He doesn’t call us to things alone, he is God with us. Read this story and be encouraged.

“And he said to the people, ‘Go forward.’ “6:7



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