Joshua 1-2

The book of Joshua explains Israel’s shift from wandering nomads to settling in the land God provided-finally. Joshua is commissioned to take over for Moses and gets a pretty good pep talk from God first hand. He’s told “be strong and courageous” over three times in one paragraph.

“For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” 1:9

How come this isn’t enough for us sometimes?

Rahab, a marginalized Gentile and a known prostitute, saves the day. She’s brave and bold in this story. She recognizes the power of God (2:9), betrays her own people to protect these men and boldly bargains for her life to be saved.

Don’t you love the type of people God chooses to use? We’ll see Rahab’s name later, in the genealogy of Jesus listed in Matthew. He uses the ‘least of these’ to do his work. When I read this story, I’m encouraged that God can use me despite my story. No one has a past too dark to be used for God’s will.

Are we making ourselves available to be used by God? What’s stopping us?




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