Daniel 11-12

Y’all weren’t ready for chapter 11. Don’t worry, it’s just a crazy-specific play-by-play of the fall of Persia, the rise of Alexander the Great and the wars between two of the four kingdoms who inherited the Greek Empire: the North being the Seleucied Empire vs the South, the Ptolematic Empire. Syria vs Egypt, respectively. It boils down to this focus on Antiochus Epiphanes, who would eventually set himself up as god in Jerusalem. It’s all there, it all happened, it’s an incredible chunk of prophecy.

You may ask yourself, “why would this be the one time in history God gives us a literal play-by-play of what’s to come?” No poetic wording to get tripped up on, just a black and white inside scoop. 

In Amos 8:11, the LORD warns of a famine, not of food or drink, but of hearing His voice. This is known as the 400 years of silence, occurring between the Old and New Testaments. 

It’s always been a priority of God’s to let His people know He’s WITH THEM no matter where they go or how far they’ve gone wrong. He sets hard and fast consequences and then extends mercy. 

The events foretold in Daniel 11 fall squarely within these 400 years. He may not be speaking through prophets, but He left them with a REAL detailed heads up. He never abandons them. 

Which leads us to chapter 12 and the vague prophecy about the trials and triumphs of the future church. It’s not ready to be released, the details are sealed! But what have we learned from this book if not the sovereign and trustworthy nature of our God?

Trust is a beautiful thing, because feeling safe with someone is one of the bests gifts on earth. No matter what happens: DO NOT FEAR.

Yesterday I had coffee with some of the more dangerous men in the camp (don’t worry mom, I won’t do it again). I don’t know how long I was in their tent, but the whole time, I never felt afraid. Their chain smoking was the main reason I was so ready to get out of there by the end. It made me wonder what God had in store for these men. All alone, separated from their families, prone to violence and without an advocate. They are not the ones receiving help and food. Anything they have, they take. They’ve been in the camp almost a full year and they’ll be the last ones out. Coming to church Sunday was their first outing in 10 months. Why was I feeling compassion for them instead of being afraid of them? They had hurt and threatened my friends! These guys, though the nightmare of the whole world right now, are broken and hungry for light and hope. 

Our God is Mighty to save. There’s nothing He can’t do and I can trust Him. What does it look like to live fearlessly, and in fear of the LORD? There is power on our side, guys. 

Tomorrow we jump into the book of John. It’s time to look fully into Jesus’ wonderful face again!


2 thoughts on “Daniel 11-12

  1. Debbie Cetti

    What a great post. Ok, daughter….I won’t be afraid if you’re not afraid! It’s obvious that God is giving you boldness, insight, and compassion. So thankful for God’s Presence with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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