Genesis 47-48

“But Joseph was upset when he saw that his father had laid his right hand on Ephraim’s hand.” 

It’s ironic that Joseph gets upset about his younger son being put first in the blessing. Formally the youngest son, sold like an animal, yet now working directly for Pharaoh, doesn’t Joseph remember how God works?

God displays his might in meek, unexpected ways. He’s all about the under dog. He writes his story differently than we anticipate him to, and sometimes this is hard to accept.

For some reason, this Christmas season it’s dawning on me how scandalous the advent story is. I recently found out a friend of mine is pregnant. She’s in school, not in a relationship with anyone, let alone married. She’s younger than she probably planned to be when she stepped into motherhood. Besides all that, she’s excited. Of course, people’s reactions to this are often judgmental, a little shocked. I noticed even my own eyebrows raised a little. It’s 2016. Abstinence isn’t exactly thriving, in or out of the church. Yet when you hear about an unplanned pregnancy, out of wedlock, your ears perk up.

Yet this is how the son of God made his entrance into the world. An unplanned pregnancy, out of wedlock, from a young, engaged virgin. Legitimately the last way you would expect a King to arrive.

God is intentional in how he executes his plan, and he’s often unconventional in how he makes a statement.

Is he asking you to do something you don’t feel qualified for? Or, is he using someone you aren’t expecting in your life and you’re having a hard time accepting it?

Take time today to notice the scandalous, offbeat ways God is showing up in your life and the lives around you.



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