Genesis 43-44

These chapters are a weird middle part to Joseph’s story. I’ve always wondered why he hides money and valuables in his brother’s bags. Maybe he couldn’t pass up the temptation to lord his power over them a little and mess with them.

I’m always a little restless with parts of Scripture that don’t make sense to me. I believe every word of the Bible was written intentionally and has meaning behind it. God has a way of hiding in-between the lines and the discreet details, so I’m eager to hunt down the explanation. Also I’m stubborn and don’t know how to drop something.

Yeah, this story is off-handed, probably not super important, and I’m sure there’s some commentary out there that guesses what’s going on. Finding out why Joseph hid things in his brother’s bags does not make or break my relationship with God. A few years ago, though, it kind of did. I was still learning to trust God, still trying to catch him lying to me and overall, not trusting him. I still struggle with this, often in Scripture.

I’m continuing to try to reframe the way I approach the Bible, and leave room for the areas that I don’t understand.

What’s your response to parts of the Bible that don’t have answers for you?






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