Genesis 39-40

Joseph is the best. His character is so striking to me. He stays obedient to the Lord and humble in his status. The beautiful wife of a wealthy man repeatedly throws herself at him and he “kept out of her way as much as possible”. 

Is this our response to sin? The Bible tells us often to flee from sexual immortality and temptation. Joseph does exactly that, yet still gets accused and convicted of a crime he steered clear of committing. Yet, “the Lord was with him  and caused everything he did to succeed”. 

Joseph’s story reminds me to go to extreme measures to avoid sin. Jesus emphasises this as well, using strong hyperbole to suggest we do whatever it takes to avoid sin. Because sin is ruthless. It’s life-taking. It talks us into horrible things, it ruins beautiful relationships, it lies, cheats, hides, strangles, spreads and roots deeply. 

Is there an extreme measure you need to take in your life to avoid sin’s temptation? A job you need to quit, a relationship you need to end, an activity you need to walk away from? Do it. 

Are you already taking steps to shake free of sin and yet still feel it’s cold grip around your life? Be encouraged, God is near to you, sees your obedience and will reward you. He’s with you, even when you’re in the bottom of a cell, feeling forgotten. Stay meek, relying on the Lord to defend you. 


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