Genesis 37-38

I have to be honest. I’m struggling with this passage this morning, because these stories don’t feel like outdate, ancient history, folklore anymore. Last night, our Syrian friend showed us his family book. It is in lieu of marriage certificates. There are 4 pages allotted in the book for wives and 17 for children. We urged him to rip a few of those pages out. 

God is incredible. People are always asking for miracles to prove His existence, but I dare say our existence is miracle enough. He has done an unfathomably good job with mankind, all things considered. Every time we submit to His design and allow Him to work through us, we become part of a miracle. Again I say, God used this messed up family?! Yes, yes He did. 

To Tamar, Judah says, “she is more righteous than I.” That’s right. And this bold, prostitute disgusted gal was welcomed into the line of Jesus. 

God was about to do something unthinkable and revealed it through the immature, braggy Joseph.

We might not be mature enough to handle a sneak peek in to what’s to come, but we can rest in the goodness of our Lord. 

Praise God for the miracle of your own salvation! Praise Him for every good you’ve received and every good others receive from you.

As we prayed for our dinner guests, last night, after sobering conversation intermixed with laughter, card games and American comfort food, I looked at their horrifying situation and my heart remembered this song: 

“God will make a way when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me. He will be my guide, hold me closely to His side. With love and strength for each new day, He will make a way.”


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