Genesis 35-36

Something I love about the Old Testament is that even the boring chapters are meaningful. As tempting as it is to sweep over long lists of names in the Bible, there’s usually something there. Chapter 36 is a list of Esau’s descendants, which bridges the storyline between Jacob and Isaac, and Joseph, who we will read about tomorrow.

It also shows us the origin of nations that later become important enemies of Israel.

How is Esau responsible for this? In chapter 26, he defied his parents and married pagan women (Hittites). This might have been a short term move to intentionally upset his parents, but it had long, irreversible consequences.

Take some time to reflect on how you make decisions. Do you anticipate what the outcome will be? Do you make impulsive decisions, good or bad, out of emotion?

Let’s be prayerful people, slow to anger and quick to listen to other’s advice.




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