Genesis 27-28

I always thought this story was so weird. Imagining Rebekah costuming her son up to trick her for poor, elderly husband…so dysfunctional. I also always thought it was weird that Isaac didn’t just call his sons into the room, take back his blessing from Jacob and reword it to Esau.

Back then, a person’s word was their bond. It was as important as written, signed document. Isaac’s blessing was an irrevocable, formal oath.

Still today, our words matter. I can think back years ago, when someone older encouraged me spiritually. Their words washed over me, affirmed me and directed me into the person I am today.

But, like anyone, I can also quickly recall insults that were hurled at me. Those shaped who I am today, too.

We’re at a point in history where words mean very little. People deny what they say, whether or not an internet video of it reappears. My husband has the sharpest memory of anyone I know. He rarely forgets a word I speak, for better or for worse. I speak frequently and often carelessly. Our relationship has caused me to think through what I say to him.

Be mindful of what you say today. Is there someone you need to affirm? Do it wisely. Do you need to guard your tongue more? Ask God for self-control. Let’s be people whose words are reliable.




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