Genesis 25-26

These chapters demonstrate the LORD’s favor being with Isaac as it was with Abraham. Although they don’t seem to have the same dynamic friendship, Isaac is reaping the benefits of the Promise made to his father. 

The story of Jacob and Esau and the soup is central. Jacob understood the importance of being the recipient of this family favor, whereas Esau proved to be near sighted. In a moment of crisis, he panicked and exchanged eternal divine provisions for an earthly quick fix. Maybe Jacob had picked up on this attitude of his brother and looked for an opportunity to exploit it. 

How often I toss aside the presence of God, His promises and statutes, for a panicked quick fix. Then  I  write it off as “not a big deal”. Here it’s presented as a very big deal. 

The sweetest fellowship I experience with the Lord, is when I’m fully surrendered and focused on Him, sins confessed and humility engaged, full of His love and thankful for His beautiful nearness. When I flip out and rush for food or random comforts, I simultaneously stiff arm He who can catch me as I’m falling.

Jacob may have been a decietful little stinker, but he got this one thing right: He knew God’s presence would be the ultimate investment. 

Let’s pause today, to thank God for His presence. Identify the earthly comforts we run to and ask Him for a game plan for running toward Him instead.


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