Genesis 23-24

Abraham was in a foreign land, looking for a place to bury his wife. If you’ve ever planned a funeral, you know what it feels like to piece together logistics during an incredibly emotional and heavy time. In Abraham’s time, there was a lot of tradition and ritual that went with mourning. My commentary notes that an improper burial was the equivalent of a curse.

Abraham’s reputation goes before him and the Hittites offer up one of their finest tombs for Sarah to be buried in. I love what this means:

Our reputation matters.  No, we’re not all Abraham. But still, as image bearers of Christ, what people think of us catches up to us. If you regularly attend church, you are also representing your community.

God is with us in the dark times. The Bible is soaked with stories of God being near to the broken-hearted. I love the way he provides for Abraham here when he’s grieving his beloved wife. I love the closure he has and the way God is near to him so tangibly.

What’s your reputation? What do strangers know about you?

Think of a time God has been near to you and provided for your needs in a dark time and give thanks.





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