2 Thessalonians 2-3

Isn’t it weird to think that we’re reading a letter from hundreds of years ago that easily applies to us today? Like us, the Thessalonians greatly anticipated Christ’s second coming. Like us, people claimed to know when this would happen.

And like us, they maybe got a little too hung up on getting the heck out of here. These chapters remind me to stay present here. Life is a weird balance of remembering where our true citizenship is and not getting swept into the distractions of this world, but also remaining engaged. I feel tempted to mentally check out sometimes and not emotionally take on the future of society. 

But Paul reminds us to stay busy, using our hands for good work and “never grow tired of doing good” (3:13). There is plenty of work to do, and although it feels daunting and sometimes meaningless, it’s not. There’s good news to share and a generation coming up behind us. I think about my son Taylor, my nephews and my friend’s kids and I feel motivated to get involved. To vote well. To volunteer. To recycle when I can. And most importantly, to pray, earnestly and profusely. 

How can you be engaging with society with a gospel-like mind? 

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