2 Kings 5-6

A lot of really amazing things happen in this story, but I’m drawn to the floating ax head. 

Last night I stayed up late cutting out felt letters that spelled “kindness”. It’s for a church event this weekend where I’ll sit and hear women from my community talk about specific experiences they’ve had with God’s kind heart. 

The man in today’s story borrowed a friend’s ax and it broke while he was using it: everyone’s nightmare when lending something out. I love that this story made it into the Bible. It’s showing us that God is extending Elisha his power to perform miracles, but it also shows us that God cares about the every day problems

A couple weeks ago, I misplaced my son’s asthma medication. It was late at night and we were wavering between taking him to the ER or not. I couldn’t find it anywhere. The tighter his breathing got, the more frantic our search. My mind was a flurry of self-deprecating accusations as I tried to remember where I put it. If we hadn’t found the medicine,  we would’ve loaded up the car and spent the next few hours waiting for the ER staff to administer medication we already had at home. I finally stopped, stood in his room alone and closed my eyes. God, can show me where the medicine is? Suddenly the image of it laying on it’s side under the bookshelf flashed in my head. I reached under it without even looking and my hands closed around the bottle of prednisone. I reached out to God and he kindly intervened. He didn’t magically stop my son’s asthma attack, but he was with us, present and gently loving us in the details. 

Kindness is showing consideration. Isn’t it amazing to stop and think that God considers us? I grew up intimidated of the Old Testament, afraid of the God who brought on strict rules, floods and plagues. But instead I read about him chasing after us, boundlessly loving, whispering to us in the wilderness and helping return borrowed items. 

When I think that God exists simply to meet my wants and needs to make me happy, I get it wrong. But when I assume he doesn’t care about what’s on my heart, no matter how small or petty, I get it wrong too. He’s Emmaunel. God with us. Every part of us. 

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