2 Kings 3-4

“As the LORD of hosts lives, before who I stand, were it not that I have reguard for Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would neither look at you or see you.” (3:14)

It’s important who you roll with. Also, we learn that asking God for water is pretty little league. He throws in Salvation. 

The Lord is deeply personal. Elisha’s life was marked by a lot of miracles (double the miracles of Elijah), bu notice they are predominantly for the benefit of one or two people. As corporate Israel continues to slide down the tubes, God comes in powerfully for the few faithful. He’s ready to do it all for them. 

Its not unusual to hear people have qualms with God. He’s disappointed or confused a lot of folks, allegedly. It seems though that our expectations are not too high, but too low. He functioning on a playing field we don’t recognize or dare to hope for; but you’re His child! Don’t be afraid to ask!

I am severely jet lagged right now, so here’s hoping this made any sense. What did you–normally rested people–get out of these chapters?


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