1 Kings 15-16

These chapters summarize the character and some of the events of the reigns of the kings of Judah and Israel. It’s more or less a list of who did “what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord” and who “provoked the anger of the Lord”. 

I can’t help but talk about politics here. In two months, America will elect a new president and of course, it’s all anyone can talk about it. I won’t go too far down that road, but I couldn’t help but think about that this morning as I read. These chapters remind me that leaders come and leaders go, and God’s character never changes. 

I was talking with my brother-in-law this morning about this, and he pointed out something interesting. There were a lot of great leaders in the history of Israel that did some amazing building projects or had great accomplishments and were never recorded in the Bible. In Scripture, leaders were marked by whether or not they humbled themselves before God, not how much money they have or what elite circles they run in. 

I’m thankful my well-being hinges on God’s sovereignty; not whoever wears the earthly crown. But I’m still stopping to pray for my leaders this morning. My pastors, my husband, people making decisions in my city and our country, these people need prayer. 

Someone beautiful is about to be on the scene in the next few chapters! 

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