Romans 3

Salvation doesn’t come from obeying the Law, because no one can do it: Exibit A – the history of the Jews aka the Old Testament. 

No one, has ever been perfect, righteous, pure, justified, until Jesus. Justification then ONLY comes through faith in Him.

It’s funny how people who grow up in Christian families, running the halls of churches, can take on the same attitude of first century Jews. I confess, growing up I read chapter 2 thinking it applied to me more than 1. I had a knowledge of the Bible and it was easy to judge all those “worldly people”. 2:1 hit me like a ton of bricks: “you who judge do the same things.” WHAT!? Me??

Going to Armenia was very eye-opening. They are so much more of a Christian nation then America. They established themselves as a Christian nation in 301 A.D.! I found they also took on the posture of feeling like they were the New Jews, God’s chosen race. We do that. Americans have done that. Except we’re going to do it better, right? No. No one is righteous. NOT ONE.

We are the Gentiles. God waited patiently for thousands of years to include us in His redemption story. 

It comes down to chapter 3, where upon being put back in our place, we ask the question, “What advantage has the Jew?”

“They were entrusted with the oracles of God.” (3:2) There’s no denying the nation of Israel has the most glorious, miraculous, sonsational history of any people group EVER. The fact they still exist is miracle #34,067,468,245.

God chose to use them, bless them and keep them. That was His glorious choice. Like how now we have also been gloriously chosen to be His as well. We also have been entrusted with His oracles. Will we obey His commission to make disciples of the nations? Or keep it to ourselves and make it seem real hard to be a Christian? It’s not hard. Jesus did all the work. We must do the “hard” work of letting His love transform us into patient, kind, compassionate people. Only He can do this. 


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