Acts 25-26

Paul’s less-than-desirable prison situation becomes an opportunity to share the gospel with kings and queens. He was singularly focused. Every moment was a moment for the furthering of the gospel. There was no second agenda, no self preserving scramble.

I am a single gal in my early thirties. I keep my life as carefree as possible. There’s no husband or kids around to remind me of my selfishness. I don’t have to check in with very many people.

This week has been intense, and without diving into details, let me just say, I’ve been faced with a situation that calls for a real “death to self”. Will I lay down my rights, my freedom and comforts for someone else’s chance to experience the gospel? The answer is yes, but it’s going to take some real one-foot-after-the-other, daily surrender, because I’m discovering how much I love being foot loose and fancy free.

I’m also becoming desperately in love with the incomprehensible power of this gospel. You guys. Our rebellion against God is YUCK. His holiness is beautiful, pure, love, perfection and we, in our fallen state, cannot dare approach Him, for the absolution of total annihilation. But this would not do, so Jesus clothed Himself in humanity and jumped in to our sewage, took our death sentence, completed it and DEFEATED IT.


Do you know this? Do you feel it? Are you crushed beneath the weight of it’s goodness?

What else has taken the place of the gospel priority? 


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