Acts 17-18

Paul was excellent at relating to people, finding their starting point and bringing them to understanding the gospel from there. He showed the Jews in the Old Testament how Jesus fulfilled Scripture. He gave a name to the Creator God Greeks knew about, but couldn’t place. He was persistent, but knew when to move on and share with a more receptive audience.

I love how Luke makes mention of many prominent women in Thessalonica and Berea coming to faith. These cultures were deeply feminist. Nowadays, people try to paint the God of Christianity as chauvinistic, but I dare say this mass conversion suggests what I believe, which is the God of Christianity and Judism has always ascribed major worth to us ladies. He says we are made in His image. He chose women to be the first eye witnesses of His resurrection. He calls us co-heirs with Christ. “There is now no distinction”!

Pauls speech in Athens found in Acts 17:22-31 is one of my favorites, especially  24-28. I could go on and on about these verses, but I won’t. I’ll just says, LOOK at how infinitely powerful our Creator God is! Then SEE how intimately involved. He planned for me to be born February 5, 1985 in Portland, Oregon. He planned for me to be alive all the years I’ve been alive thus far (and beyond?!) and KNEW the boundaries of my habitation. All the moving, all the travel. He knew every random place I would go to sleep and when. He determined my times and boundaries. I can sing with David in Psalm 16, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.” And why? Because this was my best chance at finding Him. Here and Now. “To perhaps reach out and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us.”

Think about your times and boundaries. Consider how you first related to the gospel and thank Jesus for putting you someplace you could find Him.


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