Isaiah 55-56

“Everyone who thirsts come to the waters.”

The LORD is the hiding place of deep satisfaction. “Why do you spend money on what does not satisfy?” He asks. We don’t know. It is so easy to maintain our provencial lives, running around with our side blinders, seeing what we want to see.  He remains unintimidated and continues to gently call.

I love 56. 

Do you know how disqualified from worshiping in the temple courts I would have been during this moment in history? I am a foreign, unmarried women. No children. I would be way outside. 

I would lament, “the LORD will surely separate me from His people. I have no hope for family.” (56:3)

But the LORD says, “Don’t say that. I will give you My name, a name better than sons and daughters, an everlasting name that can’t fizzle out. Come, minister before me, I will bring you to My holy mountain. For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” (56:3-7 paraphrased)

Hallelujah!! He has made a way for us to know Him and be His!! Rejoice with me about this today. Thank the LORD for His higher ways and our inclusion into His family.


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