Isaiah 51-52

The LORD says look at me.

“Look at the rock from which you were hewn…” (51:1) God started it all with one man and women: Abraham and Sarah. The promise made to them over 4,000 years ago is still being fulfilled.

“My righteousness will be forever and My salvation to all generations.” (51:8b)

He has done it all from the beginning and will continue His work into eternity. His salvation has come and He is thorough! Every generation!

For Israel, it was salvation from the foreign oppressor. For us, it’s salvation from the slavery of our sins. He says, “Don’t forget the story: who I am, what I’ve done, who I’ve made you to be. Good news is coming on beautiful feet.”

This verse about beautiful feet is repeated in Romans 10:15, which reminds us that the work of bringing the good news of salvation everywhere is a partnership between us and the Lord. He does it for us, with us, through us. 

I go back and forth about whether or not I should read the news. It is so gravely depressing and hopeless! God says, look at me! I am working! 


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