Isaiah 31-32

This is one of many times God tells Israel not to go back to Egypt for help. Kings were instructed not to acquire many horses from Egypt. In this specific historical case, Isaiah was telling them not to align with Egypt to protect themselves from Assyria. Of course they do, and it totally backfires. 

God is the ONLY ONE who can save.

Do you have a back up plan? Are you trusting in something else, physical, immediate, seemingly impressive to save you? 

I think a lot of times in my life I’ve thought America will keep me safe from whatever. After living in Colombia a few months in 2009, I became very patriotic and ready to be in America forever. But God is the only refuge. We’ve already begun to see the cracks in this country’s ability to keep us safe. It can, at best, keep us distracted and feed a false sense of security. Safety can really easily become an idol. 

When we realize this sort of underlining commitment and idolatry in our lives, there’s no need to despair about it. The LORD is always ready to dust us off and teach us His most excellent way. Even here we conclude with: “then my people will live in a peaceful habitation, and in secure dwellings and in undisturbed resting places.” 

NICE. See? He knows our heart’s desire and He is the fulfillment of that desire. Let’s not go looking for it elsewhere. He says “woe” about that.


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