Matthew 7-8

It’s easy to find practical applications in these chapters. Jesus is a pretty straight forward guy, for the most part. Plus, 7:24-27 is exactly this point. Hearing or reading the word alone is nothing. You can hear the word, but still be lost if you don’t apply it. Suddenly, you’re the foolish man with his house on the sand.

Reading the Bible isn’t about feeling good or acting Christian. There are straight up instructions here. Sometimes in narrative form, poetic, prophetic, letter, all kinds of forms! Whatever your communication style, there is a literary equivalent for you here. So, no excuses! Apply it! 

As we get into this next section, where Jesus is bringing the Kingdom and healing a bunch of people with various ailments (even death!), lets remember the Law of Moses telling us anyone who touches lepers, bodily fluids, dead things, etc., becomes unclean. What is Jesus doing?!

8:17 “this was to fulfill what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet: “He Himself took our infirmities and carried away our diseases.” 

Even before the cross, Jesus begins the work of collecting our brokenness and handing out His wholeness. People become WELL when He touches them. 

Notice that all these people brought their brokenness to Him, and none were disappointed. Is there something broken in you that you’re not bringing to Jesus? He has power over illness, death, forces of nature and forces of evil. Do you think your brokenness is too difficult to handle? Don’t wait any longer! Bring it to Jesus today!


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