Matthew 3-4

Jesus quietly enters the scene. This baby previously chased down by Harod is now grown up and ready turn the world upside down.

Not quite ready. First, he must get baptized by his cousin, John, to “fulfill all righteousness”. In this moment, he also receives a seal of approval from God the Father and the Holy Spirit. This beautiful moment seems to be for Jesus and us. He is deemed “pleasing to God” before he’s even tempted by Satan or does anything. Who were the lucky eye witnesses to this event?

Then 40 days in the desert. The enemy shows up with his as-per-usual suggestions to do things the quick, easy, cheap way and Jesus refuses. He refuses. There is nothing cheap about Jesus. He is thoroughly perfect.

Next, he begins assembling his rag tag team of future world changers. He doesn’t wait for people to notice him, he seeks and calls out these certain guys. They’re messy, just like the list of people in his genealogy. Again we are reminded: he doesn’t need us, and he isn’t slowed down by our shortcomings, but he loves to involve us.

Why, O why, should someone like me have the honor of being called out and included in the life of Jesus? It says in Colossians 3:3 my life is hidden in his life. Hallelujah! What a savior!

Take time to reflect on when Jesus called you and thank him for this deeply glorious privilege!


2 thoughts on “Matthew 3-4

  1. It is crazy to think God called me to be a part of his family. I feel I have so little to offer, but that’s not the point!! Thanks for the reminders!
    I’m reading a book on Peter, it’s written on his time with Jesus from first person perspective, as a historical fiction. Super interesting to sort of “see” what Peter may have been thinking and how he often felt unworthy despite being reaffirmed daily by Jesus’ presence. It’s all about God and his great plan!

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