Matthew Overview & 1-2

Something exciting is happening today! We are launching in to the book of Matthew, which means Jesus is about to be on the scene. We love reading about how Jesus fulfills all the prophecies of the Old Testament. Since Israel’s failing kings are fresh on our minds, we thought it’d be perfect to fast forward and read about the one perfect king and messiah. The Jews waited around for this for 400 years! Here’s a little background, which I would recommend watching real quick:

In the first 16 verses, we read about the genealogy of Jesus. Normally, a long list of unpronounceable names in the Bible bores me a little and I’ll skim over it quickly. But here, we read about the ancestors of Jesus. Some are heroes of faith, like Abraham, Isaac, and our boy David. Others are rather ordinary, like Hezron, Ram and Akim. A couple are straight up evil, like Manasseh. Tamar pretended to be a prostitute and tricked her father in law into sleeping with her. Rahab was actually a prostitute. But God uses both these women to write his story.

These names read like a grocery list. One after another. But they’re representing a lot of history and something really beautiful about God: his work is not limited by humans. Our sins, victories, or ordinary lives do not thwart his plans.

No matter how mundane, luxurious or scandalous your life is, God is still able to thread his grace into it and accomplish his will for your life. (Thank God, because right now my days are spent coaxing a two year old into eating vegetables and keeping up on the dishes.)

Jesus’ family history sets the tone for the rest of the book: he came to everyone. He’s not afraid to be identified with those who sin and those who have been sinned against.


















2 thoughts on “Matthew Overview & 1-2

  1. Susan Hatfield

    I love your studies. I love reading 2 chapters at a time, much different then just portions. Your study is a good reminder and make me think. Thanks.

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  2. I always skim over the names, thinking, oh I know, from the line of David. Thank you for the reminder that each of these people played a crucial – yet imperfect – role in the coming of Jesus! God is so good to us!


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