2 Samuel 21-22

I haven’t had coffee yet and the first part of chapter 21 is BRUTAL so I’m just going to sweep over a few key points that jumped out to me in today’s reading:

  1. The Bible doesn’t record the event itself, but according to chapter 21, Saul broke a vow Israel made with the Gibeonites (Joshua 9:16-20) and murders them. Israel law at that time punished an entire family for the crime of the father. So either David was following that law or those men were involved in the crime itself. Rebelling from God has a way of affecting more people than we could ever imagine and Satan convinces us constantly that the decisions we make in the dark won’t affect anyone else (affect? effect? I’m uncaffeinated). The topic of children paying for their father’s sin is a big can of worms, but for now, read Ezekiel 18 when things changes and take heart when God says ” ‘Do you think I like to see wicked people die?’ says the Sovereign Lord. ‘Of course not! I want to see them turn from their evil ways and live.'” And keep in mind this is before Jesus came and fulfilled everything in the Old Testament.
  2. Whew. Okay moving on. I love when Abishai swoops in and saves David when he’s worn down and cornered by a giant soldier. Who are the companions in your life that God uses to rescue you in the thick of life’s battle? Take a minute and thank God for them.
  3. My favorite words in the entirety of the Bible are in chapter 22 when David proclaims “my God lights up my darkness”. If someone asks me why I believe in God, this is all I can offer them. That sentence sums up my apologetics. I can’t win a theological debate with anyone. I can’t get far into defending the historical accuracy of the Bible. But I can sit down and tell you story after story after story of the gospel ringing true in my life. I have direct examples of God lighting up the dark spots of my life, turning sorrow into joy and reconciling what is ruined. I know you do too.

I love hearing about God overcoming darkness, which is why I love the Bible. I collect the stories and pull them out like they’re lamps in a blackout.

Let’s hear it. When was a time God showed up in your life and brightened a dark time?


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