2 Samuel 19-20

David’s return to Israel is a boarder line disaster. As much as the king tries to hedge out my boy, Joab, after their confrontation, Joab ultimately is the one to restore order.

It’s a mess, though right? I keep reading and searching, feeling like Joab was right and David was wrong, but was I wrong? Are we back to “everyone did what was right in their own eyes”? Not quite, but this all caused me to notice: no one inquired of the LORD as for what to do. Why not? Shouldn’t they know better at this point?

David tends to be ruled by his emotions. Joab by his smarts, social awareness and military prowess. The men only follow him for a reason. Where are the priestly advisors? The only part of the story Zadok is in is 19:11 when David tells him what to say.

These men are getting older and they’re tired. Do you ever start off strong then have a hectic day and totally forget God exists, loves and cares about you? Do you start feeling alone and slip in to your natural reflexes? I do.

God is in our eleventh hour. He is sufficient for every situation. Consider today: when am I leaving Him out?


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