2 Samuel 7-8

Chapter 7 contains one of the four major promises of the Old Testament:

1. Adam/Eden – “he will bruise you on the head and you will bruise him on the heel.” There will be a conqueror of satan.

2. Noah/The Flood – “never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” He’s going to finish what He started.

3. Abraham/Israel – “through you all the nations of the world will be blessed.” His salvation of man will be both personal and international.

4. David/The Eternal King – “your house and your kingdom shall endure before Me forever; your throne shall be established forever.” JESUS!

Hallelujah! God’s love and promise still endures!! 3000 years after this was written!

Read this section carefully and meditate on its implications. Comment what the Holy Spirit points out!

My personal favorite is how many times the Lord reiterates He has been and will be WITH David.


One thought on “2 Samuel 7-8

  1. “He is the one who will build a house – a temple – for my name and I will secure his Royal throne forever. I will be his father and he will be my son .” 2 Samuel 7: 13-14
    Love, love, love this! Hallelujah. And thanks for tying this into the other big promises, very interesting.

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