2 Samuel 3-4

I have too many comments about these chapters. They vex me.

First off, I am not a fan of Abner. I am #teamJoab and maybe that’s super messed up, but there it is: my confession. 

Abner sucks. He’s been Saul’s guy this whole time and now that Saul is dead he feels like he’s basically in charge. We all know Ish-Bosheth is useless, right? So since Abner is holding things down, he thinks it’s totally reasonable that he be able to no-consequence hook-up with one of Saul’s concubines. Then when lil’ Ish confronts him about it he’s like, “How dare you!” And storms off to join David. 

MEANWHILE, Joab is David’s most loyal “friend?” and has just seen his brother murdered by Abner. While he’s out doing David’s job, David’s all making deals with Abner behind Joab’s back. When he comes back and finds out what’s happened, he’s PISSED and I would be too!

The story continues and I’m not going to keep summarizing because you gotta read it to believe it. Or what does Levar Burton say on Reading Rainbow? “Don’t take my word for it.”

The point I’m hoping to make today, is life is super messy and usually it pushes us to sort through the sin and mess and decide which heinous acts we’re okay with. I’m okay with Joab stabbing Abner? Why?!?

There aren’t many people in the Bible we can trust to be good examples. Only Jesus is a perfect example. It’s even hard to see how David could be in the right. Sure he loves his enemies and respects God’s appointed authorities, but even when it means curses for your bestie?? I don’t think I could ever love my enemy enough to symotanioisly condemn a friend. 

Welcome to me, I’m FAR from perfect. Let’s see if we can drudge up the courage to ask God which sins we’ve been casting a blind eye on today. 


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