1 Samuel 31 + 2 Samuel Overview

If this was my Hollywood story, only Saul and his other sons would have died. Jonathan would have escaped, returned to David and they would have lived happily ever after as BFFs. But no, he is killed ruthlessly, his dead body mistreated and is not even quoted with any last words. Because this is 1018 BC and people are freakin’ savages!

1 Samuel ends as a cliffhanger, since it was originally one book. Since chapter 31 is so short and tragic, let’s get the Bible Projet overview for what Paul Harvey might call “the rest of the story”.

1. Despite Human evil, God is at work.

2. God opposes the Proud, but gives grace to the humble.

3. God will raise up a Messianic King

There is always hope, even in the darkest parts of our stories! The goodness of God does not depend on the goodness of man. Thank you Jesus!


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