1 Samuel 29-30

Ghost stories yesterday, war hero stories today…isn’t this fantastic literature?

The part that stuck out to me in these chapters was the reaction some of the men had after  getting back what was taken from them. Most are just relieved to be reunited with their unharmed families and get their belongings back. But some of them get greedy and want to withhold their findings from the men who turned back home earlier, tired.

I like fairness, so I can understand that. But the more I understand the gospel, the less of a tight grip I hold on to things I think are mine. The less often I tally up things in my head that others get and I don’t. The more likely I am to share generously and frequently. God is constantly letting us in on his goodness that we don’t deserve. He is not a God of fairness; he’s the God of love, mercy and grace.

I find it hardest to share time, money and food, and can easily justify why I don’t need to. But those three things are God’s currency. The New Testament is soaked with stories of Jesus spending time with people over meals and constantly discouraging a love for money. You can’t love money and me, he warns. Give away everything you own, he says.

David’s words sum this up well: “Don’t be selfish with what God has given you.” Because it’s just that: a gift. Let’s share it.



Note: Psalm 56 goes with today’s chapters and it is beautiful! “And if our God is for us, then what can stand against us?” 



One thought on “1 Samuel 29-30

  1. Loved the post today. I’m a fairness policewoman and can’t stand injustice. I see myself responding just like the people do and then it breaks me when soon after the Bible describes them as “evil”. I would have been one of the whiners saying, “they didn’t fight, therefore no plunder for them.” So David’s response was exactly what I needed to hear. I loved the application you interjected here and how time, money, and food are God’s currency with which we need to share (regardless of fairness). So good.

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