1 Samuel 27-28

Let’s call this section “frantic improvising while awaiting the fulfillment of a promise”.

David’s faith is wearing thin. He leads his men to a place Saul won’t follow, and is there almost a year and a half! There’s already been a ton of waiting, and at this point I would have most certainly thought I’d imagined the promise of God. Still, he won’t abandon his Israelite agenda and quietly, deceptively continues the conquests of Joshua in regions not yet subdued.

Meanwhile, Saul wants nothing more than an assuring word from the Lord. Not gonna happen. 

Do you ever feel, deep down, that God has given you an answer on something and you just shake your head and mutter, “roll again”. To be sure, the promise God gave Saul is not something you or I would accept, but you can’t trick the LORD in to giving a different answer. “He is not a man that He should change His mind.” That’s the last recorded thing Samuel said to Saul in 15:29. He goes to pretty extreme measures, but the word of the Lord remains the same. Good news for David, bad news for Saul.

We’re not going to be comfortable or 100% trusting of everything God promises, but that doesn’t mean we can change it. Ultimately, it’s a very good thing, because “His ways are higher than our ways.”

What is a promise the Lord has given you? How would your day look if you 100% patiently believed it?


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